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Why Should YOU Come to Cline Hall Agency?

Why should you come to Cline Hall Agency?


Let us explain...

In one word: people.  More specifically, real people.  We don't have any cute lizards with English accents, nor advertising darlings telling you how unique his or her company is, and we don't have a host of folks sitting in cubicles 24-hours a day waiting for your call at 3 AM.  What we do have is a small, but very experienced staff that will be available to you for years to come and actually will be familiar with your specific insurance needs and get to know you as the years go by.  Our average tenure in the insurance industry is 19 years.  
Also, we don't work for a company, we work for you.  We are an independent agency and we're able to look at several companies to make sure you are getting the best options available.  You don't buy your clothes, groceries, and household goods at only one store with a limited selection, so why would you buy your insurance coverages where the agent can only offer you what one company has to offer.  No company is the best at everything; we give you options.  
Unfortunately,  advertising executives have turned insurance into something that is selected mostly based on price.  While price should always be considered, it is only one of the factors.  First of all, these numbers you see in advertising, such as "40% discounts" and "Save $437!"  are meaningless. We constantly insure folks from those companies who make those promises, so I don't know who they are actually saving!  You need to sit down with a person you can trust, make sure you have all the coverage you need, and then look at the price for that coverage.  We will do that with you.  It's probably going to take longer than 15 minutes like Gieco says, but you are going to be able to rest assured you are properly covered.  
Give us a call and let us show what we can do for you!

Our Companies

As we've said, as an independent agency we sell numerous companies: Erie Insurance, Auto-Owners, National General (formerly GMAC), Progressive, Universal, and more!  If you want specific information on the company that we're quoting you with, click HERE.

Basic Questions:

Insurance is confusing. We get it--there are so many different rules and coverages and everything is changing!  We are always here to answer your questions, but sometimes it's past midnight and suddenly  you're struck with the question, "What does 'Coverage C' cover anyway?!".  Well, we still want to you help, so we've created some YouTube videos for you to watch in the wee hours of the night!  Whether it's a question about whether your rental vehicle is covered or how your home policy with Cline Hall Agency (HE-7) differs from other typical agencies (HO-3)--check us out HERE!

Meet the Office:

Cline Hall is the founder of Cline Hall Agency.  He graduated from Virginia Tech in 1983 and has been in the insurance business since 1984.  He left a larger company to open his own agency as an independent agent in 1993.  He's passionate about helping and educating his insureds about insurance and representing his client instead of representing a sole company.  For more information or background read HERE about Cline.

 Kyle Moore came to Cline Hall Agency after 6 years of aiding the education community with their specific insurance needs and benefits.   Kyle's enjoyed now being able to provide insurance to all communities of North Carolina through the numerous companies provided through an independent agency.  For more information on Kyle, read HERE.

 Cynthia Banks has been with Cline since 1996 and made the trek to an independent agency with him in 1999.  She is a North Carolina State graduate and brings a great deal of wisdom in insurance knowledge. Read HERE for more information about Cynthia.

 Sarah Towle has been with Cline Hall Agency as an agent for 6 years now, and is Cline's youngest daughter.  She's carried the family passion for helping insureds in both knowledge and practical help through an independent agency.  She currently resides in Wisconsin and works via a satellite office.  For more information about Sarah, read HERE

Contact us:

(p) 252.756.5200
(f) 252.756.4617

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