Monday, December 20, 2010

Changes at CHA

  Work, work, work! I’m sure all of our clients have been doing the
same in 2010. To help make your life easier when it comes to
Christmas mail, the Cline Hall Agency Christmas Newsletter has gone
digital! We thought you might be like us, all of the junk mail
received in December somehow has a way of obscuring the real stuff.
Since we all rely on e-mail most of the time, we thought you might
enjoy a nice read online – So, sit back with a cup of hot cocoa, your
laptop and enjoy!!
  It’s been a great 12 months at Cline Hall Agency since our last
Christmas chat, we’ve had our trials, our highs and lows,
but over all, we’re going to wrap up the year on a high note. One
positive change to this year was the tall mid-western Yankee we’ve
added to our CHA family: Art Ingraham. Sure he has a bit of an
accent and he lives off of cheese and bratwursts, but he is finding his
way around the Bojangles’ menu just fine, and picking up on the proper
usages of “y'all” and “cut the lights off”. Art is a recent graduate
of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside (2008), and he is quickly
picking up southern hospitality in regards to working with our clients.
His impeccable insurance skills have helped make him an asset to our
CHA family, and he has diligently worked to drum up new business while
looking after the clients we’ve got now. So, if you call in and speak
to Art, be sure to put on your most charming southern accent and
welcome him to the beautiful state of North Carolina!
Another change in our family is regarding our beloved Amy Wilson...
  As many of you may have noticed, Amy has been in and
out of the office due to her participation in nursing school. She’s done
exceptionally well academically, and the time has come for her to
focus full-time on her nursing career, though she may still be making guest
appearances in the office. We’ll miss Amy and her southern sassyness
around the office! What a great agent, friend and co-worker she’s
been to us all. We’ll miss you, Amy Wilson – Don’t be a stranger!
If you’ve been keeping track, we’ve add a man and lost a woman. What?
Could it be – the battle of the sexes has flipped. Cline Hall Agency is now:
Cline, Art, Cynthia and .5 of Sarah (via online working). That’s
right, Men: 2 Women: 1.5. Throw out those pink sticky notes and forget
the salads for lunch – you are on man turf now. So if anyone wants to
watch the game, come on over while the men reign in the office. It’s
been a long time of woman domination, but Santa’s finally given Cline
a Christmas Miracle: More men in the office than women. Ho, Ho, Ho!
If your cocoa is still hot, and you’re ready to hear about more
insurance news, you’re only a mouse click away from your Christmas Wishes.

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