Monday, November 14, 2011

Watch out for deer!

A few years ago a hit a very large dog while riding my motorcycle at 55 mph. It did not turn out well. Not for the dog, the motorcycle, or me.  That incident has done a couple of things for me.  I am even a bigger advcocate of ATGATT (all the gear all the time) as I wasn't wearing a full face helmet I would not be typing this to you today.  Secondly, I very, very, let me say it again, very cautious while driving this time of year due to deer.  After hitting a dog I don't want to mess with a deer!  I now don't ride my motorcycle at night this time of year.

If you are not familiar with deer, they are a bit diffent than humans that the poet tell us in spring a young man's heart turns to love.  In fall the young deer's heart turns to love so they are all running after or away from a deer of the opposite sex!  The last thing on their little minds if you are riding or driving down the street.

Here is a little info from Erie on the subject:  I'll even add this from UNC ( who will run into a big gobbler this Thursday)

Ok, lets be safe out there!