Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer is here and the living is easy (hopefully!)

Recently, I had the pleasure of being in Florida.  I drove down there, and, of course, went through South Carolina.   Since it is summer, motorcycles are all over the place in S.C.  I love motorcycles; I have two myself.  What I don't understand, is motorcycles with riders who don't wear helmets. 

I'm sorry if this insults anybody, but that doesn't make sense to me.  I guess several things come to mind with me.  One, I have always wanted to NEED a helmet.  In my mind, wearing a helmet means you are doing something exciting. When I was little I wanted my parents to let me buy a cool red helmet from Woolco (you have to be old to remember that) just in case I ever had a motorcycle.

Secondly, I have used a helmet.  I don't mean I have worn a helmet, but have used one while bouncing down the pavement. While I'm not very pretty now, I wouldn't be much fun to look at me had I not been wearing a helmet at that time.

I might mention that I normally wear All The Gear All The Time (atgatt), but this time was the only time I didn't wear my motorcycle pants (going for a short ride, what could happen?).  Wanna see the scar on my knee?

Anyway, I'm lucky to be alive.  So here is my suggestion:  The best motorcycle insurance you can get isn't from Progressive or any other company advertising it, it's from folks like this: Motor Cycle Superstore, J&P Cycles, locally at Ron Ayers, or any one of a hundred other places selling proper riding gear.

For those of you who don't ride: LOOK OUT for motorcycles!  Give them wide berth; it could be a new rider so steer clear for your own safety. Don't rush to get past them then cut in front of them, it is very easy for them to lock up their brakes.  There is also something about the human brain that thinks they are smaller, so people think, "I can pull out and they will be able to stop".  WRONG, they are not a bicycle; they are going as fast as you.

Please be careful! And e-mail me if you have any more motorcycle safety questions!